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Five Signs Your Site Needs a Redesign

The following are the most common conditions we encounter when starting a website design for a fertility center.

1. Your Average Website Conversion Rate is Less Than 2%

Most clients come to us wanting more website traffic. More often than not, this isn't the best first step. It's often more productive to focus on converting a greater number of the visitors already coming to your website.

Conversion measures the number of new patient consultations, information requests, egg donor applications and any other desired outcomes that are produced by your website.

Optimizing for conversion first ensures that subsequent online marketing activities will be as effective as possible. Plug the hole in the bucket before pouring more water in.

2. Your Website is Not Optimized for Mobile Devices

Over 50% of website visitors for the IVF and fertility related websites that we manage use mobile devices. In some cases this number is over 70%. But how often do you view your own website on a mobile device?

If text is too small, layout is too cluttered, or images aren't large enough when viewing your site on a mobile device, you are loosing impact and prospective patients. Google also uses the "mobile friendliness" of your website as part of the complex ranking algorithm it uses to determine which websites are shown in the top search results.

You can check your website's mobile friendliness here.

3. Your Website is Slow

The speed of your website has a direct affect on both visitors and search engines. Google considers website speed as an important part of their ranking algorithm. Visitors won't tolerate slow loading websites, especially when using a mobile device and mobile data connection.

You can test the speed of your website here. If you score less than 85, you should redesign your site to make it better.

4. Your Website Doesn't Rank Well on Google

As a minimum requirement, your website should be in the first position when searching for your practice's name! After that, there are a number of key phrases relevant to your business for which you should rank well. As a test, try to search for IVF clinic near me. Skip past any paid ads or local map listings and see how your site ranks.

Achieving high search engine rank for competitive phrases requires several factors both on and off your website. Fixing website issues is typically the easiest and best place to start.

5. You Aren't Adding New Content to Your Home Page on a Regular Basis

A top rule for search engine optimization requires adding high value, topical content on a regular basis. Integrating this content into your home page creates the most impact and prompts Google to come to your site more frequently, lifting your rank for targeted search phrases.

If any of these conditions are keeping your practice from reaching your target patient population, please contact us at (888) 730-5020 to learn how we can help redesign an optimized website as part of an ongoing online marketing program. We look forward to speaking with you.