User Experience (UX) Webdesign

Your website is not only a key source of information for your patients but also a major component of your marketing strategy to bring in new patients.

To best serve your practice, your patients, and the fertility community, your website should:

  • Promote your practice to attract new patients
  • Include patient education tools (like injection instruction videos)
  • Include a Backend Management System that simplifies your practice’s workflow
  • Include an Appointment Scheduling Portal for patients
  • Provide Telemedicine Access
  • Include a Patient Portal for patients to easily access their records
  • Act as a tool to further communication with referring physicians
  • Increase the public’s awareness of health issues

While creating a new user-friendly and fully-functional website for you, our goal is twofold:

1. To help you generate new patients, and

2. To free up time on the physician’s and the staff’s schedule.

The website’s design will incorporate:

  • Your existing branding (i.e. your logo and color palette)
  • Your objectives and expectations to streamline workflow for increased efficiency, productivity, and profitability.
  • Coding that ensures usability and accessibility
  • Graphic design and layout that’ll appeal to your patients
  • Compliance with the security standards of HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act)
  • Encrypted data display to ensure cybersecurity, storage and transfer
  • Adherence to the guidelines set for medical websites by the American Medical Association (AMA) and your state's Medical Board.

Optimized for Your Audience

To keep visitors from navigating away from your website, it’s absolutely essential to make your site user-friendly. If your site is visually appealing, helpful, and easy to use, people will naturally gravitate to your site and will be willing to explore the various pages on your website.

Mobile-Friendly Design

Your patients are on the go, and they expect your website to be able to keep up with them. We ensure that your website is fully optimized for mobile use, so your patients will be able to access all the information they need quickly and easily whether they’re navigating to your site from a computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Market and Healthcare Provider Based Content

Move patient services and education to your website to free up more appointment time with your practice’s doctors and nurses. We use the following mediums to distribute information to your patients on your site:

  • HTML Pages
  • Images and Photos
  • PDF Files
  • Streaming Videos

Putting patient education videos, online seminars, and information about the technology used in your office on your website helps your patients to become better informed ahead of their visits, which frees up valuable consultation time for your medical staff.

Additionally, putting your new patient forms online reduces the call volume that your front office staff deals with on a day-to-day basis. They’ll be able to simply refer callers to your website for new patient forms, directions to your office, and other helpful information.

Web Design Services:

Audience Optimized Design
Mobile-Friendly Design
User Flow
Usability Testing
Healthcare Provider Content Oriented