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Paid Search Campaign PPC

Competitive search engines rankings for a new or modified website do not happen overnight. If you are looking for instant exposure, paid search campaign, aka pay-per-click advertising, might be the solution for you. This is an excellent tool of quantifiable advertisement in the digital age.

We will generate a paid search campaign according to the level of strength you decide on. The strength level will be set by the following parameters:

  • Monthly budget
  • Service to advertise
  • Geographic reach
  • Length of campaign

We will create an advertising schedule giving you verifiable results. We will be able to determine effectiveness and make adjustments for optimal results within your budget requirements.

Health Email Newsletter

Health Email Newsletter

We will generate an email newsletter about news and helpful tips for referring physicians, existing and future patients. A health email newsletter is the most effective way to communicate with peers and patients on a regular basis generating repeat business and extended patient care.

The design will be personalized in your corporate identity and sent in plain text and HTML format. We recommend to send a newsletter quarterly or every 6 months to your subscriber base to inform them about latest technologies, patient care and other improvements at your practice.

Subscriber email list has a 100% double opt in feature with ensures compliance with email marketing laws.

Medical Web Link Referral Program

Referral links to and from other sites generates more traffic to your site. In addition, the more other websites are referring to your content, the higher your search engine “popularity” score.

Medical web link referral program

Online directories can be divided into horizonal and vertical market sources:

  • International directories (if applicable)
  • National directories
  • Regional directories
  • Vertical market - Phycisians directories and associations

There are websites such as physician directories, which can drive a significant amount of targeted traffic to your site. However, in the past year, some paid directories have been put on the black list of Google, which made it an art to find the right referrals. We will research qualified and relevant websites in your field and report effective outside links to you.

Some directories are free of charge, whereas others will request a monthly or annual fees for listing. We will evaluate the effectiveness of the paid links and help you making an informed decision about the most effective solution.

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