Ongoing Healthcare Marketing, Maintenance & Support, Ongoing Research

We keep a close eye on your website’s current ranking on all of the major search engines and suggest solutions to boost your ranking. Additionally, we analyze your competitors’ sites, evaluate their marketing methods, and let you know what’s earned them their temporary advantage.

To expand your audience and keep your marketing advantage, we recommend to keep your marketing strategy in ongoing maintenance mode.

Our site maintenance services include:

  • Making minor edits and changes to your site’s content
  • Search engine ranking analysis and report
  • Changes to your website’s coding
  • Cypersecurity checks
  • Email account updates
  • Technical support

If you need changes made to your site— like adding a new version of your patient registration form or adding information about new technology you’re implementing—we’ll update your site with the new information right away after receiving the new content.

We provide you with detailed monthly reports based on statistical data from your site that enables you to monitor your website’s potential ROI.

Upon request, we will generate detailed search engine ranking reports, so you can see the most important keywords and keyphrases on your website and monitor search ranking improvements over time.

Tip: We encourage our clients to give us additional website content as often as possible. Frequently updating and perfecting your site content is an important part of reflecting your practice’s professional image and of staying ahead of your competitors.

We suggest that you use your website to provide your patients with the most up-to-date information regarding medical research, diagnoses, and treatments. We’ll provide you with personalized recommendations and technical support on an ongoing basis via email or over the phone, according to your preference.

Web Traffic Analysis and Measurement of Success

Without thorough analysis of why your strategy is working, your marketing and advertising efforts are meaningless. After all, how will you replicate your success if you are not sure what worked and what didn’t?

We provide you with a monthly web traffic report, along with our analysis of the raw data, so you know which digital marketing strategies are best suited for promoting your practice.

Carefully analyzing your data and determining what works best allows us to hone our focus on the aspects of your marketing plan that are worth pursuing. Additionally, we’ll implement a tracking system that enables you to measure your website’s ROI.

Ongoing Marketing:

Client Support
Minor Website Changes
Monthly Analysis & Report
Paid Ad Campaign Management
Ongoing Local Market Research