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Website-related Marketing Services

Today's medical website is a key information resource & communication vehicle for your patients and they should be major component of your marketing tactic to generate new patients. Please read details of the item you are interested in:

Medical Website Design & Production

An excellent website of a physician's practice can provide important services to you, your patients and the public:

  • Promoting your practice, generating new patients
  • Patient education tool
  • Streamline practice work flow
  • Tool to strengthen relations with referring physicians
  • Increasing awareness in the public about health issues

With creating a new medical website, our goal is to help you generate new patients and free work time on the physician’s and staff’s schedule. We will create a new Internet presence according to visitor usability and functionality. The website design will incorporate:

  • Your existing branding, such as logo, corporate colors, look and feel.
  • Your objectives and expectations to streamline workflow for increased efficiency and overall improvement of your practice's productivity and profitability.
  • Latest coding techniques to ensure best possible usability and accessibility.
  • Appealing graphic design and layout.
  • Compliance with the security standards of HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act)
  • Following the guidelines set for medical websites and as suggested by the American Medical Association (AMA) and your state's Medical Board.

We know how the code of a website has to look like to become listed in the top ten of search engine rankings. The new design and site layout will easily allow future content updates and be expandable with additional content in the future.

Website Ongoing Maintenance & Support

Once a website is launched and initial set up has been performed, ongoing website maintenance is crucial to expand your web audience and stay the course of search engine optimization. Service will contain of:

  • Minor editorial additions and changes of website content
  • Search engine rank report analysis & code changes
  • Email account updates
  • Technical support

You have a revised version of a patient registration form? You would like to add content about a new technology you offer to your patients? A new staff member needs an email address? No problem - Changes will be implemented 24 hours after receiving new content.

We will generate statistical data from your website and provide you detailed monthly reports that will enable you to monitor its potential return on investment.

Upon request, we will provide detailed search engine ranking reports for the most important keyphrases and monitor improvements over time.

Our Tip: We encourage our clients to give us as often as possible additional content. It is an important aspect of reflecting the state-of-the-art, professional image of your practice and staying ahead of the competition on the Internet. Having a website containing medical information, we recommend to provide your patients the most up-to-date and complete information about research, diagnosis and treatments. Personalized recommendations and website technical support will be provided on an ongoing basis via email or over the phone.

Web Traffic Analysis and Measurement of SuccessWeb Traffic Analysis and Measurement of Success

Marketing projects and advertising efforts are meaningless without the analysis following the implementation of the project. We will provide you monthly website traffic report with our analysis of the data.

Determining what works best and what is less worth pursuing will allow us to concentrate our efforts on the right marketing mix. In addition, we will implement a tracking system that will enable you to measure the website's return on investment.

Web Site Medical & Health Content Development

We know what drives visitors to your site and what frees valuable appointment time with doctors and nurses. Improve your practice's productivity by moving patient services and patient education to your website. We can put almost anything into any of the formats on your website:

  • HTML Pages
  • Images and Photos
  • PDF Files
  • Streaming Videos

Whether you would like to develop a patient education video, an online patient seminar or inform about new technologies used in your practice – patients can learn about it on your website. The better the patient educational content on your site, the better informed patient will be when coming to your practice for a consultation. Patients will have less questions for you about diagnosis and treatment what can free valuable consultation time.

Reduce the caller volume for your front office scheduling staff by making your new patient forms available online. Refer your callers to your website for directions, new patient forms, and other helpful information that can free valuable work time of your office staff.

Search engine optimizationSearch Engine & Local Search Optimization (SEO)

Optimization of web pages causes competitive search engine ranking. Competitive search engine ranking increases web site traffic and generate valuable patient leads. Your website can be effective with keywords specific to your services you offer, specific to your geographic location.

Would you like to increase the number of patients for your preferred cases? Would you like to find out how your website is performing compared to your competitor down the road? Each search engine has its unique complex methodology and algorithm, which are constantly changing. We will generate keyword analysis reports and other requirements to find the most effective coding for your website and place them strategically within the site.


Competition Research, Analysis & Recommendation

We offer an accurate snapshot of your current ranking on all major search engines and suggest solutions. In addition, we determine your online competitors and evaluate their method and possible temporary advantage. Once we launch a new website, we immediately submit it to the 40 of the most important search engines for listing.


Competitive search engines rankings for a new or modified website do not happen overnight. If you are looking for instant exposure, paid search campaign, aka pay-per-click advertising, might be the solution for you. This is an excellent tool of quantifiable advertisement in the digital age.

We will generate a paid search campaign according to the level of strength you decide on. The strength level will be set by the following parameters:

  • Monthly budget
  • Service to advertise
  • Geographic reach
  • Length of campaign

We will create an advertising schedule giving you verifiable results. We will be able to determine effectiveness and make adjustments for optimal results within your budget requirements.

Other Internet Marketing Services in Our Experience:

  • Physician Web Brand Development
  • Medical Domain Names Research & Recommendation
  • Educational Video Production & Online Video Library
  • Online Virtual Practice Tours
  • Video Patient Testimonial Clips
  • Online Practice Patient Forms
  • HIPAA Compliant SSL Email System & Support
  • HIPAA Compliant Online Patient Contact Forms

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