Fertility Marketing

Fertility Marketing

Excellence, Results

Many of our clients came to TD Media after an engagement with a public relations firm or advertising agency. Their core problem was a lack of understanding of the fertility industry resulting in a lack of measurable results. PR and traditional advertising is tricky when it comes to calculating specific Return On Investment. While each can have their place, there are other more effective strategies that should be maximized first.

All of our Internet marketing and advertising tools are tied to a data collection and analytics system. By measuring conversion rate for each marketing tactic individually, we are able to see exactly what works and what does not. This allows us to develop a matrix best suited for your individual practice. Evidence based marketing means you can make informed marketing decisions based on data. Take a look at our case studies.


Founded in 1995, TD Media is a multidisciplinary team combining design, editorial competency, with solid programming, SEO and system development skills to build a complete online marketing program for your fertility center that delivers bottom-line measurable results.

Full Service

Your complete success requires the knowledge and implementation of all effective marketing tools.

  • Brand and Identity
  • Website Design and Development
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Paid Search Advertising
  • SalesForce / CRM Integration
  • Custom Programming
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Printed Brochures and Patient Guides

TD Media has the experience to drive success.

Monthly monitoring and reporting for all marketing activities allow all stakeholders to stay informed and continuously optimize campaigns to insure the highest possible return on your marketing dollars.


Our ongoing services to your practice can include exclusivity rights. Under this type of monthly retainer agreement, we will commit our marketing efforts to your practice to the exclusion of competitive practices within a 50 mile radius. This way, you can rest assured that our efforts won’t be affected by any conflict of interest. Contact us to find out more.


We believe in environmental consciousness, pollution prevention, energy conservation, water conservation, solid waste reduction, recycling and sustainability. Even though we are a small business we make an effort to conserve natural resources in our daily business practice without compromising the quality of our work.

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